Safety Management

A health and safety program is the set of standards which assigns responsibilities, sets out specific requirements and defines activities to ensure health and safety is implemented and effective in the workplace.

startSAFE provides your company with all the necessary means and resources for a safe working environment. Every company’s safety program is unique and must reflect the individual risks at the workplace. Our services help you create, implement, and maintain a safety program that includes provisions for the systematic identification, evaluation, and prevention or control of general workplace hazards, specific job hazards, and potential hazards which may arise from foreseeable conditions. startSAFE assists you in obtaining the knowledge and understanding of working in an environment where anything can happen at any given time.

The detail to which your program is described in writing is less important than how effective it is in practice. It is our goal to assist in fostering a work environment that promotes health and safety awareness. This ensures that the health and safety program of a company is consistently growing and adapting to changing environments and conditions. 

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